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If you're here looking for a puppy


In time, I felt the need to write a couple of lines about us on this page, instead of keeping the usual "puppies" title. Too many people just clicked here, ignoring everything else we did, posted or wrote, giving a damn about who we are and how we work, just looking for a puppy. Oh right, fast and cheap obviously.

I can understand (I mean, it's hard to, but I try to do it at least) a lot of people don't understand how much we love our dogs and they never will probably. Some of them never had a dog before, some others had but never really cared about them. Some also know how puppy mills and other "breeders" work.


My husband and I love our Penny, Cora, and Paul as if they were our kids.

We will do very few litters, always thinking about our dogs' health and well being first, and will love, cherish and care for every puppy from the conception, through birth and till we'll untrust him/her to a loving family we carefully choose for him/her. We'll always be ready to help and care for our puppies and our puppies' families in time, our dogs are part of our family and always will.


We DO NOT sell puppies for breeding purposes. We don't support much dog showing either (who does show and doesn't breed in the end).

We want our puppies to have the happiest and healthiest life they could have ever have.

We don't like the idea of shipping puppies. We must have the chance of meeting and know the families BEFORE we take reservations, to be sure they really are a good match for that specific puppy.

Our dogs come first and always will.